Our effort to keep both our technical and professional profiles constantly updated allows us to provide consistently high quality standards in designing, installing and integrating audio and video systems. Today this represents the real challenge in building systems which comply with the current multimedia convergence requirements of our market.

When designing our systems we combine hi-end electronic equipment with high performance IT and telecommunication systems, integrating different technologies in a complete package. When designing structured wirings and cabling architectures we work according to international standards such as ISO/IEC11801 , TIA/EIA-568 and European EN50173 standards.

We are proud to have been the first to use hybrid audio/data cabling technology in the design of audio and video connection infrastructures, thus saving on materials costs and greatly increasing the flexibility of use of our wirings. Today in fact, IP technology provides attractive solutions for solving many problems encountered when interfacing audio, video and control signals.
Once this technology was restricted only to the management of data networks but thanks to new digital audio and video technologies, now we can handle such problems employing IT derived systems and architectures. Since its birth, we believed in IP technology, we carefully selected the best partners and we started to work alongside industry leaders developing a specific competence in Audio Over IP within the broadcast market.