Technical Support

Our technological partners who honor us with their certification of System Integrators, like Euphonix, Axia, Klotz Digital and Linear Acoustic keep us constantly up to date with their evolving technology thanks to our direct communication with their technical departments. We take great advantage of this preferential communication when providing specialized technical support to those customers who chose these particular systems.

Differently from other companies providing Technical Assistance, we don’t have a service lab open to the public, in fact we prefer to offer a different support scheme for each of our customers, which we believe is more suited to our nature of technical consultants.

We can propose technical support contracts and on-site assistance contracts exclusively to those customers who we designed systems for, in case they request it.
These services go beyond simple maintenance contracts and are aimed to create a technology partnership with our customers, to guarantee them a constant flow of technical know-how as well as an immediate support in case of emergency.