Our consultancy services can provide a good support to anyone involved with planning and setting up an audio/video installation, and are aimed to solving all the problems our customers might come across when building a recording, broadcast, or post-production facility.

As well as the system design of a complete installation, we can also offer:

- Strategic Technical Consultancy, workflow analysis,optimization and upgrade of existing systems

- Project Management and building works supervision on national and international building sites

- Custom Systems Design

- System Integration

- Specialized Technical Support on Euphonix, Axia and Klotz Digital systems

- Specialized Training for techs and operators in English (and Italian) language

- Room Acoustic Measurements service, for broadcast and music studios and cinema mixing rooms.

We offer such a wide range of services because our goal is to give our customers a complete solution for their needs, working side by side with them as a technological business partner.