Acoustic Measurements

A recording and mixing control room must be considered as a measuring instrument, because the engineer who works in it is constantly monitoring the quality of his own work.
As for all measuring instruments then, a control room has to be accurately fine-tuned , which is an often forgotten thing.

Acoustic measurements are not only an important tool to verify the quality of the original room design, but they are also essential to understand the limits to which the room will have a balanced sound and predictable performance. These limits, when they exist, have to be taken into account by the engineer in order not to push monitoring system too much and get always a linear response from it.

Working on many installation projects around Europe, we had the opportunity to understand how important is this job, which is usually carried out after installation by independent companies not involved with the acoustic consultants and room designers. So we thought to offer this service in Italy too.

To perform Acoustic Measurements we employ several software packages, amongst the most powerful and diffused room analysis tools . With our measurement kit we can perform the following :

Frequency Response (bi-dimensional analysis)
TDM Spectrogram (time domain response)
RT60 measurements (room reverberation time)
Impulse Response analysis (direct/reflected sound ratio)
FFT analysis (Fast Fourier Transform)
Speech Intelligibility analysis (for cinema mix and dubbing rooms )
Acoustic Insulation measurement (room soundproofing)