Systems Integration

A common problem encountered when building a Broadcast facility as well as a post-production studio, or a Cinema Mix room, is the need to interface multiple pieces of equipment and various different systems.

To make an example:

Audio and video matrixes and routers
Analog and digital audio mixing consoles
Playout and record systems
Video monitoring and projection systems
Audio monitoring and amplification systems
Data storage and backup systems
Telecommunication systems (VOIP, ISDN, POTS)
Wired and wireless digital intercom systems
KVM control systems (for IT resources remote terminal access)
GPI, RS-422 and RS-232 control systems
House sync generators and clock distribution systems (blackburst, word, AES)

It’s no more possible today to have these systems installed independently by different engineers, usually working for different suppliers, each specialized only on its own product range.
An accurate planning is necessary in the preliminary installation phase, and proper coordination is required while this is being carried out, together with a precise technological strategy aimed to make all these systems work together efficiently as a whole integrated and stable entity. In this way, not only it will be possible to exploit the full potential of each piece of equipment, but it will be possible to take advantage of the added value brought in by a correct integration of the various subsystems.