Systems Design

Designing audio and video systems is a real passion for us. Each project is tailored on the customer’s requirement, to offer a solution which can be fully compatible with his technical and human resources. Techniques, solutions, hardware and final tests are all aspects of our job that we evaluate and control in the design phase of each system.

When designing Systems’ Architectures we apply signal flows' redundancy level calculation, we employ SPOF (Single Point Of Failure) elimination techniques, and we make previsional hardware reliability calculations based on MTBF figures supplied by manufacturers, trying to insert every piece of equipment in the most suitablecontext for its operation.

When designing Audio/Video systems we keep into account all the possible environmental aspects in order to put the system in a fully functional and efficient operational context : spaces and accessibility, rack enclosures structural loads, equipment thermal loads, power supply requirements, backup and protection systems and redundancy of resources. These are all aspects that we carefully evaluate and consider vital to reach the final goal of creating an efficient and functional design.

When designing Wiring and Cabling architectures, we interface ourselves constantly with the building company’s Architects and Engineers, to evaluate cabling path solutions in order to optimize the cabling works’ time schedule. When designing an entire facility and working with a precise time schedule, we consider ourselves as part of a team and we consider our job as one of the many puzzle bits that have to fit together to make the full picture. Our goal is to build a connection infrastructure which can be as versatile and flexible as possible, with a good accessibility for all the maintenance operations.