International Clients

Abroad, we designed and/or installed systems for:

Balik Music Farm – Switzerland (classical music recording and mixing
Black City Studios – Ghana (installation and wiring of a Euphonix CS3000 analog console)
Cinema Factory – Tel Aviv (installation of a multi-purpose 5.1 Mix Cinema and music Mix room )
Cinema Sound - Prague (installation of Dolby Digital Mix Cinema room)
Electronic Arts - U.K. (Installation of a 5.1 mixing/production room for videogames soundtracks )
Israeli Defence Force - Israel (military O.B. truck broadcast installation in Tel Aviv)
John Kelly - U.K.(producer – private music recording and production room)
John Paul Jones – U.K. (producer – private music recording and production room)
Jordan Radio Television - Jordan (installation of a broadcast control room in the national military facility )
Max Martin - Svezia (producer’s studio - Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys)
M.Y.Meduse - (Installation of recording and mixing studio aboard one of Paul Allen’s Motor Yachts)
NRK - Norvegia (National brodacster’s TV and radio simphony orchestra control room installation)
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Finland (installation of a theater control room on a Cruise ship)
Steve Lipson - U.K. (producer- Grace Jones, Annie Lennox, FGTH, Simple Minds, etc.)