Communicating directly with the technical departments of many professional audio hardware manufacturers we managed to build a synergy with them that allows us to have an extra advantage when designing or supporting our systems.

Who will benefit most is our Customer, who never has to deal with just an installation company, but with a true technology partner.

Over the years, we have obtained the recognition of Certified System Integration Partner by major manufacturers of digital audio mixing systems such as:

Euphonix (member of the European Technical support team and R&D partner)

Axia Audio (certified System Integrator)

Klotz Digital
(certified System Integrator)

Linear Acoustic (certified System Integrator)

As we do not represent commercially any brand in particular, we don’t supply any hardware, but only know-how. Our service is guaranteed as impartial and professional and is intended simply to provide our customers with the most efficient and convenient solution to their technical problems.

Axia Audio
Klotz Digital
Linear Acoustic